Saray Capital Annual Event 2019

Saray Capital (DIFC) Annual Event 2019

Saray Capital (DIFC) Ltd held its Annual Event on Thursday 7 February at the Four Seasons hotel DIFC in Dubai. Distinguished speakers shared their insights on a number of topics covering the importance of disciplined investing through diversification, investing in the MENA region during uncertain times, the impact of Brexit on UK Real Estate and REITs, and finally a case study on a Saray Capital investment in the Hong Kong hospitality sector.

The audience was composed of members of leading family businesses, representatives of regional and international family offices, as well as executives of global financial institutions.

The event’s sessions were moderated by members of the Saray Capital executive team and included the following high-profile keynote speakers: Bassel Hamwi, Head, MENA Fund, IFC Asset Management Co., Souheil Hajjar, Chief Executive Officer, MAF Trust, Jason Hobsday, Executive Director, Family Advisory Services, UBS Global Wealth Management, James Choa, Value Investor, and Kevin Aitchison, Chief Executive Officer, Knight Frank Investment Management.